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Training Saturday October 21

Date: 10/19/2017, Author: Stay Fit Temecula, Category: Fitness Events

Hi Everyone, this is a great opportunity to come out and get back to your running.  The weather is cool, the people are amazing and the milage is low.  Training will start at 6:30 AM from Barons. Located on the corner of Rancho California Road and Meadows Parkway.  FOR ANYONE WHO DOESNT KNOW WE ARE JUST A GROUP WHO LIKES TO RUN, NO FEES, JUST HERE TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER.  


Good Luck to Mitzi and Dale Neverman as they run the Ventura Marathon this Sunday.


If you are running the Temecula Half on November 12 you should be doing your long run this weekend of 12 to 14 miles.


If you are doing Carlsbad Half January 14th you should run at least 2 miles this weekend or up to 10 miles this weekend.


If you are doing Carlsbad Full January 14th you should be running at lease 11 miles this weekend.


Reminder: Please check that your shoes are not too worn out.  If they are starting to get old please think about purchasing new ones.  We have two amazing options The Running Center or Roadrunner Sports.


I hope you will join us.  







Carlsbad Half Marathon 2018

Date: 10/13/2017, Author: Stay Fit Temecula, Category: Training Tips

This is a simple Half Marathon Training Schedule starting from October 14.




Saturday Training Oct 14

Date: 10/12/2017, Author: Stay Fit Temecula, Category: Fitness Events

Hi Rock Stars, its time to get started again.  Training is beginning for our Triple Crown, Carlsbad, La Jolla and AFC.  Do one, do all, its up to you.  How about just come out and run.  This Saturday our mileage is 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 or 17.  All are available.  I will be there to say Good Moring, warm you up and cheer you on.  I am on a short break after St George.  This is a great opportunity to get back at it, cool weather and great friends. Does it get any better then that?  Barons, corner of Rancho California Road and Meadows Parkway, time 6:30 AM.  Bring your smile. 




St George Congratulations

Date: 10/10/2017, Author: Stay Fit Temecula, Category: Fitness Events

Congratulations to Tobi Beyer, Jennifer Plumbo, Rebecca Miller, Dale Miller David Carney and Mike Jennings on completing the St George Marathon this weekend.  This race is one of the best races for community support and race volunteer support.  The entire community of St George comes out to welcome, support and thank every runner for racing their race.  The weather was perfect and the scenery spectacular.

 I would like to give a special mention to Jennifer Plumbo as this was her first marathon.  Jen showed grit and determination and never gave up.   Jen finished strong and was all smiles. 


Another special mention goes to Mike Jennings for his Marathon race PR. Mike put in a lot of hard work and it payed off.  I am inspired by the effort and success of our St George team.  I look forward to our future races and successes.  Congratulations everyone. 




Marathon Weekend

Date: 10/04/2017, Author: Stay Fit Temecula, Category: Fitness Events

Hi St George people, I am getting very excited about our weekend.  Reminder; we have dinner at 6:30 PM at Roy's Pizza and Pasta 1013 East 700 South St George on Friday. Remember St George is 1 hour ahead of us.  I would start your packing tonight.  Attached is a simple list you can follow.  It wil be cold at the start, be ready for that.  Embrace your nerves and excitement.  Doing a Marathon is a gift and doing it with friends is unforgettable.  Most of the Marathon is fun and exciting.  We all trained and we will all finish.  When it gets tough dig deep and Just Hold On.  Im looking forward to seeing you all this weekend and celebrating our good fortune to be able to do this.  Just keep smiling and your mind and body will follow.






Training on Saturday September 30

Date: 09/28/2017, Author: Stay Fit Temecula, Category: Fitness Events

Hi Everyone, training this Saturday will start at 7:00 AM.  St George will be doing 8 miles, taper time.  If anyone is doing Revel the Full has 20 and the Half has 14.  Please let me know if anyone is still on track to do Revel.  If yes I will have routes, if not we will simply be doing 8 miles.  


We will be starting training October 21 for any or all the Half Marathons that make up the Triple Crown in 2018.  Spread the word.  Its a great time to begin back at running if you have been on a break.  


Saturday Training September 23

Date: 09/20/2017, Author: Stay Fit Temecula, Category: Fitness Events

Hi Team I will not be at training on Saturday.  Mike and Dale will be helping you out.  St George has their last long run, 20 miles, before race day.  I’m suggesting two routes.  The first would be easiest to manage water but tougher mentally.  Out of Barons to Butterfield, left on Butterfield, Left on LA Serena, Left on Margarita, Left on Rancho California Road.  This is a 5-mile loop and would be done 4 times.  The 2nd option is our 10-mile loop twice, Out of Barons to Butterfield, right on Butterfield, Left on Pauba, Right on Anza, Right on De Portola, Right on Meadows Parkway.  If you do the 5-mile loop 4 times there will be water just after you turn onto La Serena, behind the large metal box on the left.  

Revel Full has 15 miles (20-Mile Option), Revel Half has 10.  Revel can choose the 5 miles or 10-mile options.

All others can do any distance they would like to do.


Train smart.  Eat well the night before and try and get a good night’s sleep.  Warm up and start out slow.  Have a clam, relaxed attitude the entire run.  Take in enough nutrition and water while you train and stop if a nagging pain comes along at any point in time.  You are a better person for walking back rather than exacerbate an injury.  If you plan to do your race and you are nursing an injury making it worse two weeks before your race will only make the race more painful.  Trying to do the last long run fast is not a good thing.  You risk injury by pushing too hard this close to race day.  The miles are in the bank, you have trained and your body is about as ready as it ever will be.


We will be starting training October 21 for any or all the Half Marathons that make up the Triple Crown in 2018.  Carlsbad Half or Full January 14th, La Jolla Half April 22 and AFC Half August 17.  Do all three races and earn a special metal.  This is a great opportunity for anyone who fell off and wants to start from the very beginning.  Please post on your Facebook and invite your friends.


Most importantly have fun running this weekend. 



The Long Run

Date: 09/20/2017, Author: Stay Fit Temecula, Category: Fitness Events

Train Run On Saturday

Date: 09/14/2017, Author: Stay Fit Temecula, Category: Fitness Events

Hi Everyone, this weekend will be our train Run.  Everyone and his brother is welcome to come.  If you want to meet at Barons to possibly carpool arrive at 5:45 AM. We leave at 6:00 AM.  If you want to drive directly to Solana Beach arrive there by 7:20 AM, no later.  If you want to just drive to Oceanside Train Station arrive there at 7:55 AM.  Our run starts at 8:00 AM.  

If you only want to run 8 miles the stopping point is Avenida Encinas.  This is around the Carlsbad State Beach Camp Ground.  From this point one of use Wade, Danny or Myself will drive you back to Solana Beach.  


All others go to the end 15.5 miles to this Solana Beach Train Station.  You will need a cell phone if you need to call and be picked up any other location, Brian 951-312-9463.  Leave a message or text if I don’t answer.  


Water will be at Mile 3.8 Tamarack, Mile 8 Carlsbad State Beach and again at or around Encinitas Boulevard Mile 11 ish.  Put some money in your clothes, shoe, pants, bra or some place, in the event you need to stop and purchase water at another point.